Hairgro by Fourrts

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Prevent Hair Loss & Promote Hair Growth

We care for your hair!

Everyone deserves healthy hair. Our aim is to make an impact in the lives of people by providing innovative and effective solutions for strong, healthy & lustrous hair.

About Us

Hairgro is one among the unique brands of Fourrts which is formulated for having strong , healthy & lustrous hair. Fourrts is an Ethical, Transparent, Spirited, and Vibrant organization with a strong commitment to society to deliver quality health care. Fourrts with its impressive standing  for over 40 years has a dedicated approach towards making a range of innovative, value added, evidence based products for ailing patients.

We believe that “Hair is the most desired and valued treasure of every individual”. We take care of your desired treasure with our “Hairgro” range. We have a comprehensive Hair Care range  which will repair, revive, replenish and rejuvenate your hair. We have a specialized topical solution for Hair loss which contains ingredients that will directly act on the roots & strengthen the hair. We also have the right supplement with key ingredients required for healthy hair which will nourish the follicles from within & play a central role in hair health.