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For eradication of

Directions for use

Wet the hair and scalp with water and apply sufficient quantity of shampoo to produce enough lather. Massage for one to three minutes and rinse with water and dry the hair. Repeat the treatment for 3 consecutive days.

For Head Lice use Hairgro Shampoo for 4 consecutive sundays followed by once weekly as maintenance therapy or use as directed by the physician.

Avoid contact with eyes, if contact occurs, rinse thoroughly with water. Discontinue if signs of irritation or inflammation develop.


100 ml container.

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There are 3 stages of Lice {Nits (Eggs), Nymphs and Adults (Lice)}. Growth period being one week, it is advised to use Hairgro Shampoo with one week gap, so that entire lice can be eradicated. However, continue to use it once a week. 

It should, if used as per the guidelines.

Yes, Hairgro Shampoo has conditioner in it.